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Charles Woodson hasn't missed an offseason workout


Raiders cornerback Charles Woodson waited 18 years for this, and he honestly can't believe it's happening now.

The 38-year-old has not missed a single workout this offseason with the Oakland Raiders, marking the first time in a long and storied career that Woodson has made it to every voluntary and mandatory activity.

"This is the first time in my 18-year career that I've been to every practice," Woodson told The Bay Area News Group. "Honestly, I didn't plan on being here every practice, but I'm here."

He added: "I sat down with (Jack Del Rio) before it all started. We talked about the importance, and what he wanted from this team, and him wanting me here ... I understood completely what he was talking about."

While we could use this as soap box fodder against athletes who opt not to attend voluntary workouts, that would be missing the point.

Woodson should be recognized for a career defined by its longevity, stellar play and grace off the field. His desire to help out a head coach desperately trying to make the best out of a second chance is pretty admirable.

Of course, we'd be willing to bet that Woodson is firmly implanted into the 'enjoy every moment' aspect of his career. If this is his last spring and summer in the NFL, he won't want to forget it any time soon.

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