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Michael Vick looks for another chance, stays realistic


Michael Vick's one-year stint with the Jets might best be remembered by the moment the veteran admitted he was unprepared for a start against the Chargers.

Although this was foreshadowed in a thorough piece written in Sports Illustrated during the preseason, everyone around the quarterback did a good enough job acting surprised. How could this happen?

Fast forward to this month and Vick is 34 and unsigned. He's since claimed his words about being unprepared were misinterpreted. He's training every day hoping for a shot.

"I still feel like I can help a football team win a couple of games," he told the Virginian-Pilot this week.

He added: "I see my role as being a mentor first and foremost, a confident quarterback who can come off the bench if necessary in whatever the situation may be and win football games. Whether it's two or three games a year or four or five, I feel like I can put myself in that situation where I can ... use the weapons around me, play some smart football."

At the moment, he's saying all the right things, but he also told the paper he's realistic. If Vick is signed, it likely won't be until training camp, if at all.

In a way, it's a reminder that nothing lasts forever in this league. Vick was once the face of a new NFL. He was also the face of redemption and second chances.

Now, though, he's hoping to be the face of one last chance.

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