Chip Kelly: I respect LeSean McCoy, but he's wrong


LeSean McCoy created a stir earlier this month by saying that Chip Kelly got rid of the Philadelphia Eagles' "good black players."

Kelly addressed the issue and dismissed the validity of McCoy's statement when speaking to reporters during Thursday's OTA session.

"Yeah, I've got great respect for LeSean," Kelly said. "However, in that situation, I think he's wrong. We put in a lot of time into looking at the characters and factors that go into the selection and retention of players and color's never been one of them."

Kelly added that he's attempted to call McCoy twice and didn't get a response. Kelly then reached out to the agent of the former Eagles running back, but still hasn't heard from the player.

The coach said he didn't address the claim with his locker room and isn't bothered by it.

"It doesn't hurt me," he said. "I'm not governed by the fear of what people say. Events don't elicit feelings. I think beliefs elicit feelings, and I understand what my beliefs are and I know who I am."

McCoy wasn't the first person to make race accusations regarding Kelly, but the coach said he's not worried about any perceptions forming.

"You start chasing perception, then you got a long life ahead of you, son," Kelly said. "But that's what it's all about. If you're worried about someone's perception about what's going on with you, then -- you can control one thing, you control yourself and I know how we run this organization. That's not one of them."

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