Kubiak: Post-TD play calling 'will change a great deal'


Broncos coach Gary Kubiak is preparing for changes in the wake of the NFL's new extra point and two-point conversion rules.

Last week, owners approved the Competition Committee's proposal to move the extra point to the 15-yard line after decades of spotting the ball at the two-yard line. The owners also tweaked the two-point conversion, giving defenses the opportunity to score two points on a turnover and runback.

Kubiak said the Broncos have had internal talks about the possibility of adding a two-point specialist and added that he plans to carve out time in practice to work on two-point attempts and the defense of those plays.

"I think it will change a great deal," Kubiak said, according to ESPN.com.

The Broncos went for two just twice last season, converting both attempts. The Competition Committee expects there to be a 93 to 94 percent conversion rate on extra points in 2015. How often coaches roll the dice on two-point plays has become one of the more intriguing subplots of the new season.

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