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Lovie Smith 'disappointed' with criticism of Jameis Winston


One day after former Florida State coach Bobby Bowden called Jameis Winston "an embarrassment" to the university, Tampa Bay Buccaneers coach Lovie Smith came to his rookie quarterback's defense.

That Smith would do so should surprise no one: Winston will make almost $24 million guaranteed from the Buccaneers, and it's not a good look when an FSU icon such as Bowden criticizes him.

"I'm disappointed. To say that the young man is an 'embarrassment'? That's pretty strong," Smith told the Tampa Bay Times. "I just don't think he's speaking for all of Florida State, even though he's in an official role there. ... Normally, when you're in a family, you don't do that. I'm very disappointed that somebody like that would make that type of statement."

Further, Smith told the newspaper that when the Bucs talked to people at the school, "no one said (Winston) was an embarrassment. It was the complete opposite, starting with (coach) Jimbo Fisher."

That statement should surprise no one, either. Even if someone at FSU did express negativity about Winston, no one with the Bucs is going to say so. Smith did what he had to do to in the wake of Bowden's criticism, and it basically followed to the letter what you would expect the Buccaneers to say.

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