Buffalo Bills sign fullback John 'The Terminator' Conner


Rex Ryan loves him some Terminator.

The Buffalo Bills announced they signed fullback John Conner, nicknamed The Terminator.

Conner was Ryan's "hand-picked" fullback in 2010 while the coach was with the New York Jets.

Ryan famously gushed over the Conner during HBO's Hard Knocks, which filmed in Florham Park that season.

A bone-crushing blocker, Conner spent three seasons with the Jets from 2010 to 2012, before brief stints with the Bengals and Giants. He returned to the Jets in Ryan's final season with Gang Green, appearing in 12 games with three starts in 2014.

It's natural that Ryan would reunite with The Terminator in Buffalo. The Bills plan to pound the ball on the ground heavily in 2015. However, he'll have to beat out Jerome Felton out for the job. The Bills wooed Felton heavily during free agency, famously sending a private jet to pick up the fullback.

Felton has been the more productive blocker in recent years. So while Conner reunites with Ryan, the Terminator might not be back for long.

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