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Mark Ingram says C.J. Spiller is a 'special player'


Mark Ingram is not threatened in the least to have C.J. Spiller in New Orleans.

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"He's a special player," Ingram said in an interview with "He's a game-breaker, can take it to the house no matter where he is on the field, punt return, kick return, pass, run. So I'm looking forward to it."

He added: "It wasn't anything strange or anything when we signed him. I talked to him before it even got announced."

The interesting thing about Ingram is that he's a back who typically requires a few touches to get into a game. Of his 15 best yards per touch efforts, 11 of them have required double-digit carries.

Will that still be possible with Spiller in the fold?

The good thing is that both will be under the umbrella of Sean Payton's offense, which could undoubtedly incorporate both skill sets. Both could be on the field at the same time given Spiller's receiving ability.

But if Ingram's role is diminished in any significant way and it's harder for him to get going, will he still feel the same way about Spiller's signing as he does now?

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