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Eagles fans create, Cowboys fans burn DeMarco Murray jerseys


Free agency can be a tough time for NFL fans. It's never easy seeing a beloved player head to another team for more money. It's even harder when that player heads to a hated division rival (more on that later). Earlier this week, Eagles fans watched LeSean McCoy get traded to Buffalo, but were able to celebrate when their team signed last year's rushing champion DeMarco Murray on Thursday afternoon. As you can see, some enterprising young individuals are already making the most of this shift in the backfield by creating "custom" (and I use that term lightly) Murray jerseys:


On the flip side, the Dallas Cowboy fans had to watch their running back trade in his star for a pair of wings. Needless to say, they took the news a weeeeee bit harder than their NFC East counterparts.


I sure hope he clears the burning of that jersey with Ashley first. She might not be too pleased to see her gift turned into a pile of ashes.

Speaking of, as the expression goes, "Everything's bigger in Texas." I guess that even applies to the ceremony of burning a beloved players' jersey after he leaves for another team.


Then again, there are those select few who are holding out hope for a DeMarco Murray homecoming later in his career:

Good luck to those poor souls, and for all of the rash fans angry with Murray wanting to make the most money while he can, take a lesson from Aaron Rodgers and R-E-L-A-X. It's only March, after all. There's plenty of time for your team to draft a stud running back ... or sign Trent Richardson:

h/t ESPN.com's Patrick Dorsey

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