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Pat McAfee jokingly begins recruiting Ndamukong Suh


Pat McAfee, a humorist and occasional punter for the Indianapolis Colts, likes to make jokes about things on Twitter. You've probably seen one.

His latest satire takes aim at Ndamukong Suh, who McAfee apparently wants as a teammate next season.

Ha. Punters, right?

During the combine, there was an employee of the wonderful St. Elmo's Steakhouse who informed the Around The NFL team that we were in town for the coldest day in town history. It did not look the way McAfee is describing it now.

But the good thing for Suh, should he choose the Colts and their relentlessly aggressive general manager, is that you can get most places in the city through a series of underground tunnels and beautiful skyways.

St. Elmo's is pretty good, too.

And while we're sure McAfee is joking, because that's what he's best at, there's no doubt the Colts are looking at someone on Suh's level -- the top tier free agents -- to add some much-needed star power to their roster.

Some other Colts, like Andrew Luck, may be doing some lobbying of their own pretty soon.

UPDATE: Suh isn't the only player who McAfee has set his sights on. Following the news of Andre Johnson's impending exit from Houston, McAfee reached out to the star Texans wide receiver.

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