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Brandon Bostick released by Green Bay Packers


Less than a month after the most difficult afternoon of his playing career, Packers tight end Brandon Bostick was released.

Bostick will be remembered, in recent Packers history, anyway, as the player who botched the onside kick against the Seahawks, a play that eventually allowed Seattle to take the lead late in the NFC Championship Game.

Bostick has maintained his innocence, and unfortunately didn't immediately get a public pardon from head coach Mike McCarthy. That was on top of a public dressing down from former special teams coach Shawn Slocum.

We all know that Bostick was supposed to be clearing space for receiver Jordy Nelson to get the ball, and while it's easy to claim that football instincts should take over, it's impossible to lay the entire situation on him, especially when his own head coach's play-calling steered the team into the mud on offense.

The only hope now is that Bostick gets another chance. The 25-year-old doesn't deserve to be remembered for one mistake.

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