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Mayockisms: A glossary of Mike Mayock terms

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The 2016 NFL Scouting Combine is right around the corner, which means football analysts from far and wide will soon fill television screens across America.

Among the most notable -- and arguably the most memorable -- is NFL Media's Mike Mayock. Seated in the NFL Network booth during the combine, Mayock breaks down the performance of the game's best up-and-coming prospects with a colorful vocabulary usually reserved for your favorite football-loving great uncle. Terms such as "burp the baby" and "dancing bear" flow from Mayock's mouth as he watches players work out in front of a gaggle of scouts at Lucas Oil Field in Indianapolis, and luckily for football fanatics everywhere, it will be broadcast live on NFL Network.

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Some viewers might need some help understanding what Mayock means when he calls a lineman a "heavy-legged waist bender." Worry no more, football enthusiast -- we have a glossary of Mayock's terms that you should already be printing out to have at your disposal. Arm yourself with knowledge.

Road Grader:
An offensive lineman who is highly effective in driving a defender off the ball on a running play.

Natural Bender:
A flexible, athletic offensive or defensive lineman who bends at the knees, not the waist.

Downhill Thumper - LB:
A physical linebacker who attacks and plays on the other side of the line of scrimmage.

Heavy-Legged Waist Bender:
An offensive or defensive lineman who lacks the flexibility to dip his hips and bend at the knees, causing him to look heavy-legged.

High Motor Guy:
A player who displays tireless effort until the whistle on every snap.

NFL Scouting Combine

Dates: Feb. 23-29
TV: NFL Network and NFL Combine Live

Combine coverage:


Burp the Baby:
When a QB taps his hand on the football too long and throws late, allowing a defensive back to jump a route.

Gets Through Trash:
When a defender is able to successfully navigate through a mass of blockers and teammates and make a tackle.

Quicker than Fast:
A player who may not possess great 40 yard dash speed but has quickness that is effective in short areas.

Run the Arc:
When an edge rusher uses speed to run outside of an offensive tackle and then flattens his path to pursue the quarterback.

Bubble Butt:
An offensive or defensive lineman with a powerful lower body that provides speed and explosion.

Sand in the Pants:
An undersized lineman that possesses toughness but needs to add bulk and strength.

Taffy Pull:
Despite a flurry of activity, neither the offensive or defensive player gains a decisive advantage.

Power Step:
The inside foot of an offensive lineman, which closes the door to a defenders inside rush.

Dancing Bear:
A huge defensive lineman with the agility of a ballerina.

Phone Booth:
An offensive lineman with below-average feet that performs best in short areas.

The initial explosion and quickness off the snap.

Space Player:
An offensive skill position player who typically excels in open areas due to athletic ability and speed.

Oily Hips:
An ability of an LB or DB to change direction quickly and efficiently.

Body Beautiful:
A ripped physique that even the other players talk about.

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