Cam Newton makes waves at Auburn in campus return


Truth: Cam Newton is a multi-millionaire professional football player. He is an example of a person who does not need a college degree to establish a career in the business world.

But Cam made a promise. He vowed to his mother that he'd complete his education at Auburn, the university where he won a national championship in 2010. With the offseason upon us, Newton has returned to Auburn's campus to secure the necessary credits needed to earn his degree by this spring.

As you might expect, seeing one of the most famous players in the NFL acting like a normal person on campus has caused quite a stir amongst the student body. You just don't expect Cam Newton to be behind you when you're waiting to buy a grilled cheese.

Cam Newton and I just hanging out it's casual

A photo posted by Mason Easterling (@mason_easterling) on

(Oh my god, it's so amazing being Cam Newton. Cannot process.)

(See what I mean?)

(That does suck.)

(This grilled cheese truck sounds excellent.)


And, finally, here's a scene from one of Cam's classes last winter, added here to further illustrate that Cam Newton's life is basically an 80s movie where the star quarterback's life is one perpetually blessed experiment in human joy.

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