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Brandon Marshall jokes about playing for Ravens


Brandon Marshall thinks that playing for the Ravens would have its perks.

The Bears wideout, who still has three years left on his deal in Chicago, interviewed John Harbaugh for his side gig as a reporter for Showtime's Inside The NFL last week.

"(During Super Bowl Week) I actually interviewed him," Marshall said on Inside The NFL, via the Ravens' official website. "I said, 'If I played for you, would you let me do Inside the NFL?'

"He said, 'Oh, absolutely.' He knew I was taking a lot of heat for doing the show. But, when you are the first in the space to do something like this, you are going to get a lot of push-back and we (the Bears) had the worst year possible."

If Marshall were to ever leave Chicago before his contract was finished -- a move that would need to happen before the start of the 2015 league year -- pairing him with Torrey Smith and Steve Smith in Baltimore would certainly be a gift for Joe Flacco.

Of course, this might only be a pipe dream. Marshall was clearly joking when he interviewed Harbaugh and he was using the platform to take a shot at his critics, many of whom were inside the Bears' facility and disapproved of Marshall spending his off days filming a television program.

The frustrations held by his former critics could spill over into the new regime, of course.

In that case, Harbaugh and Marshall might be together again.

UPDATE:  A league spokesman told NFL Media that this exchange between Harbaugh and Marshall would not fall under the league's rules regarding tampering.

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