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I'm not sure if Patrick Peterson's win in the "2015 Madden Bowl" will be regarded with the same reverence as the "Miracle on Ice" or "Super Bowl XXXVI," but this was pretty big. (If you don't know "Miracle on Ice," you really need to watch Russell Crowe in "Mystery, Alaska" because I'm pretty sure that was the "Miracle" or something like that.)

I don't want to say that I planted the seed for Peterson to run the ball extensively against the defending champion, LeSean McCoy. But I did implore him to make use of Bo Jackson, who he selected for his "Ultimate Team," and that's exactly what he did. Peterson ran the ball and chewed up clock to shutout McCoy. Straight-up shut him out.

So, congratulations to him. Be sure to read more of Dan Hanzus' excellent write-up.

Moving on up

Marshawn Lynch has been the talk of Super Bowl week because he spent all of Media Day answering every question with, "I'm just here so I won't get fined." It's brilliant. By not speaking, he got everybody to talk about him. This wasn't an accident. And think about the fact that Lynch increased to a 97 OVR, which included a point increase in AWR. Please. Lynch is very calculating and he knows exactly what he's doing. Let's bump that up a little bit.

Lynch also provided a nice lifehack, too. I just got an Evite to a co-ed baby shower and I told the host, "I'm just going so I won't get fined." This is going to work like a charm.

LeGarrette Blount also received a nice boost to 83 OVR as he had increases in SPD (+1), ACC (+2) and AWR (+2) amongst other improvements.

Moving on down

Andrew Luck took a reduction, a negative two to 91 OVR. That seems a bit harsh. But isn't it amazing how some things can change in Indianapolis, but some things never do?

Great Caesar's Ghost

Russell Wilson took a one-point hit to 89 OVR. I get it. He threw like 19 picks against the Packers in the NFC Championship Game. But the dude crushed it when it counted the most. I don't see how you can hold that against him. I have to say that's a little bit harsh.

Six bold predictions for Sunday

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6. The Patriots won't give up a safety on the first play from scrimmage. I know, this might not be so bold if they kick off. But I can't imagine Tom Brady doing what Peyton Manning did last year. I remember being in that end zone for the opening of the game. I stood next to a Seahawks radio guy as the Broncos took the field. I leaned over to him and said, "It would be the most Peyton Manning thing ever if he threw a pick six right here." And then the snap happened and I turned back and simply stated, "or that." Then we fist-bumped and had an enjoyable evening.

5. The crowd will be a factor. The crowd was huge last year. Again, I was standing there in that end zone and it was freaking loud. I'm not surprised something like that happened. This year could be even louder with the game inside at University of Phoenix Stadium. And the 12s have been huge this week in Phoenix. They are everywhere.

4. The first score of the game is going to come from a "That Helps No One" all-star. My early lean is Luke Wilson. He's done pretty well for himself over the past couple of weeks.

3. Bill Belichick will not wear a red sweatshirt. He inexplicably wore a red hoodie the last time the Patriots played in a Super Bowl in Arizona. I'm sure Patriots fans don't need to be reminded of this.

2. Twitter will explode the first time the Patriots score a touchdown. It will mostly be [expletive] asking if the ball is properly inflated. Get over it, people. I can't wait for this story to be done.

1. This is going to be one of the best Super Bowls in recent memory, which is saying something because we've had some excellent games in recent years. (We can debate on whether last year was great or not. But there was a pretty incredible run of good to great games.) My prediction is to take the Patriots here. I tabbed them back in August to knock off the Seahawks in the Super Bowl. Impressive if you ignore the Bears and Jaguars predictions. Still, I thought about hedging my bets and saying the Seahawks win so I had the whole thing covered. But I can't do that to you. I'm going to stick with the Patriots. They win 31-27. This should be a great one.

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