Bobby Wagner, Make-A-Wish send teen to Super Bowl XLIX


Super Bowl XLIX is almost here. And now one more "12" will be cheering his team on in person thanks to the Make-A-Wish Foundation.

Daniel Duncan, a 13-year-old who attends Washington Middle School in Olympia, Wash. received a very special phone call last Friday.

Daniel was summoned to the principal's office to answer the call. Little did he know that on the other end of the line was Seattle Seahawks All-Pro middle linebacker Bobby Wagner -- one of Daniel's favorite players.

"Oh my God! Oh my God!" were the first words out of Daniel's mouth as he realized with whom he was speaking. He later added that he's "freaking out" before settling into a state that appears to be a mixture of utter shock and pure joy.

Whether or not your team is playing on Sunday, this story will surely put a smile on your face. And possibly make you root for the Seahawks to help make Daniel's trip all the more memorable.

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