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Murray on being replaceable: Let's see how that goes


The thought process within much of the NFL is that running backs are interchangeable. This belief likely led to the Dallas Cowboys extending a low-ball offer to DeMarco Murray.

While talking to NFL Media's Michael Irvin on Thursday, the NFL's leading rusher shot back at those who believe he could be so easily replaced by a lower-cost free agent or draft pick.

"I would like to see how it goes," Murray said on NFL Network. "I would like to see how that plan would work for them. I don't pay attention to it. You know, I have full confidence in myself and my ability to do what I'm capable of doing. I know my talents, I know how hard I play and, you know, I know what I bring to the table. So I'm not worried about it and, you know, I don't hear it."

Murray ran for 1,845 yards -- 484 yards more than the next closest in 2014. He was the only running back to average more than 100 yards per game (115.3) and his 13 rushing touchdown were tied for the NFL-lead.

Murray has been bracing for the idea that he might have to leave Dallas to get paid what he's worth.

The running back, however, told Irvin that his relationship with his teammates plays into his contract negotiations.

"I love playing with them, I love playing for coach Garrett, I love playing for the great Dallas organization," he said. "And, you know, those guys you play hard for, you come out, you lay it on the line for those guys -- it's easier to do it because they're going to do the same thing for me and vice versa."

With Dez Bryant in line for the franchise tag and big-pay raise, the Cowboys might not have a choice but let Murray walk and see if they can replace him on the cheap. 

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