Sherman to Browner: You made it harder on your WRs


PHOENIX -- Patriots cornerback Brandon Browner raised some eyebrows Monday when he told ESPN that he would tell his teammates to hurt Seahawks defenders Richard Sherman and Earl Thomas during the Super Bowl.

Browner heard from Sherman about it.

"He hit me with a LOL, told me I just made it harder for my wide receivers," Browner said.

Browner revealed at Media Day on Tuesday that he talked about the issue with Sherman, and insisted his comments were made in the spirit of competition.

"Yeah, (Sherman) talked to me, but there's no hard feelings ... That's really one of my best friends in life, you know. Those guys are really like my brothers," Browner said.

As Browner candidly explains it, going after injuries is part of the game.

"That's like in any game, you got a guy who messed his ankle up you want to tackle him and make sure you land on that ankle. Say a guy messed his shoulder up you want to tackle him and land on that shoulder, it's a part of the game," Browner said.

Appearing after Browner at Media Day, Sherman held no hard feelings.

"It's not OK in this league for anybody to intentionally hurt anybody. I think he was just caught up in the moment," Sherman said. "He didn't mean any malice by it. We know him as a person; sometimes he exaggerates a little bit. He didn't mean anything by that, and we didn't take it offensively."

We love this matchup in part because both defensive backfields are excellent at covering and hitting. The Broncos couldn't handle Seattle's physicality last year; Browner's group should be better suited to do so.

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