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Behind the scenes at the Pro Bowl Draft


PHOENIX -- The second annual Pro Bowl Draft took place Wednesday night and thanks to a wonderful "STAFF" pass I was able to sneak a peak in the green room.

For anyone who's ever been to an off-field sports function this was exactly the same. Well, except the fact that these were some of the greatest athletes on the planet and most of them are giants. Other than that it was buddies hanging out and clowning each other. A table full of Packers in green over here, couch full of Cowboys in white over there.

Bros being bros -- only with free McDonalds served.

What did the rest of the world miss?

1. By far my favorite thing was Jamaal Charles playing Madden on Xbox One. I kid you not from the moment I walked in to the moment the event ended I never saw Charles without controller in his hand. The only reprieve was his name getting called.

Even better, every game I saw him play he chose the same team. Of course that team was ... the New York Jets. One might ask 'Why?' "Because they have a good D-line. And you put in (Michael) Vick and you do what you want to do." As he is explaining this he's guiding Vick on a 14-yard scamper. Yes, Michael Vick, you always will be a video game hero.

2. Broncos corner Chris Harris and receiver Emmanuel Sanders battled in a game of foosball. At one point a debate over how spinning the players would speed the game up ensued. (The correct answer, sirs, is never spin. Never.)

3. Cowboys Hall of Famer Michael Irvin drafted all seven available Dallas players. His team will also be coached by Jason Garrett. Odell Beckham Jr. put it best midway through the process "I was thinking, 'is this the Cowboys or Team Irvin'" I'm playing on?

4. Speaking of Garrett, he, Ravens coach John Harbaugh and quarterback Tony Romo chatted for a while. For about a seven-minute span during that time (unofficial timing) a TV camera circled them. None of the three even seemed to notice or care. Professional.

5. Winner for the best bling in my book goes to Aqib Talib. The guy was rocking diamond-studded gold dog tags for Pete's sake. Also his gold watch was as big as my face. (I have a small face).

6. Eagles long snapper Jon Dorenbos was straight clowning Matt Ryan and others with card tricks prior to the start. Dorenbos had the whole table standing up and screaming. If his snapping career ends, the man has a backup career in waiting.

7. One other positive was that the entire time, all the players mingled in the green room. When the draft was over none seemed to even realize. That was much better than Alex Smith sitting solo last year.

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