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Gridiron Breakdown: New England vs. Seattle


We know which two teams will be in Glendale to compete for Super Bowl XLIX. For the next couple of weeks, you'll see, hear and read plenty of analysis on which team should win and what each player needs to do in order to help his team hoist the Lombardi Trophy. But you should consider all of that to be just white noise.

This is the only Super Bowl preview you need. I'm going to break down the important stats separating the Patriots from the Seahawks and clue you in on which club is going to emerge victorious from the desert.

Game on!

Person Patriots
Seahawks Give it to ...
Inaugural season: 1960 (AFL), 1970 (NFL) 1976 Patriots
Championships won: 3 1 The Pats get the edge here. But a potential three-game Super Bowl losing streak makes this tenuous.
Cities: Boston Seattle Seahawks. Sure, Boston was the epicenter of the American Revolution. But Seattle gave us Starbucks and Microsoft. Coffee + Java > tea.
Frasier Crane:


Radio psychiatrist
Seattle. In Cheers, Frasier Crane was a pompous know-it-all with an overbearing wife. In Frasier, he was still a pompous know-it-all but at least he was his own man.
Coaches: Bill Belichick Pete Carroll Patriots. Carroll has done some pretty amazing things in his latest go-around as an NFL head coach, but Belichick is some type of football warlock. There's really no other way to explain it.
Celebrity fans: Chris Evans Chris Pratt Seahawks. There's a friendly bet going on between this superhero pair. Steve Rogers did some great things, but not without a little chemical enhancement. Peter Quill saved the universe on wits and hard work alone. Advantage: Star-Lord.
Fanbase nickname: Patriots Nation The 12s Seahawks, easily. Everybody can't have a "nation", okay? Get something original.
Catchphrase: "On to Cincinnati." "I'm just about that action, boss." Seahawks. Marshawn Lynch's awesome response to Deion Sanders before last season's Super Bowl can be used in nearly any situation.
Controversial play:

Tuck Rule

Fail Mary
Patriots. The Fail Mary might have ended the officials' lockout, but The Tuck Rule Game arguably changed the trajectory of two franchises and launched a Hall of Fame QB's career.
Biggest personality: Rob Gronkowski Richard Sherman Patriots. Sherman's a smart guy, and sometimes his outbursts are calculated for effect. Gronk's gonna Gronk no matter what. A party bus isn't a purchase. A party bus is a lifestyle.
Biggest nemesis: Rex Ryan Jim Harbaugh Patriots. At least their rival wasn't chased out of the NFL.


In a nail-biter, the Patriots rally to prevail in our Super Bowl Gridiron Breakdown. So it looks like Brady and Belichick will get that fourth ring after all. Sorry to ruin all of your Super Bowl parties. Feel free to send me any leftover chicken wings.

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