'All 22' film offers eye-opening view of Burnett pick


Morgan Burnett says he has no regrets about his decision to slide down after his fourth-quarter interception appeared to seal a trip to the Super Bowl for the Green Bay Packers.

Another view of the play tells us maybe he should.

On Tuesday, NFL Game Rewind released its All-22 footage of the Seahawks-Packers NFC Championship Game classic. The bird's-eye view of the play in question shows Burnett with a sea of green to his left as he slides to the turf at the behest of teammate Julius Peppers.

"I was just trying to secure the catch, I got the ball in my hand and the main thing was just gaining possession of the ball," Burnett said of the play on Monday. "And I got the 'no mas' signal, which means 'no more, no return, get down' and secure possession of the ball, give our offense the ball."

While Burnett's reaction to Peppers' motioning is certainly understandable, the tape also shows Peppers with his back to the Seattle end zone. Burnett had an unobstructed view of wide-open pasture.

If Burnett blows by the wave of Seahawks offensive linemen (highly likely), Russell Wilson might be the only Seattle player capable of keeping him from the end zone. If Wilson is blocked or otherwise can't make a play, Burnett is gone and the Packers are in celebration mode in the game's final four minutes.

Instead, Burnett hit the deck. Just another reminder that this crushing Packers loss isn't all on Brandon Bostick. The collection of missed opportunities and failed execution was stunning in its totality.

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