Michael Bennett takes police bike for joyride after win


Following the Seattle Seahawks' miraculously improbable come-from-behind victory, Russell Wilson gave an emotionally wrenching interview, and Doug Baldwin provided an entertaining, expletive-filled rant.

Meanwhile, Michael Bennett went on a celebratory joyride around CenturyLink Field on a police bike.

No, seriously:

And another look:

"I just took it," Bennett said when asked about swiping the cop bike, per The News Tribune. "You go to a Super Bowl, you can do anything you want in this city."

To its credit, the Seattle Police Department played it cool:

"Best bike ride I've ever had," Bennett added, per the team's official website.

If the Seahawks win another Super Bowl, hopefully someone will have a bike nearby, because post-Super Bowl win bike rides are even better.

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