Seahawks fans pay price for leaving stadium early


The Seahawks pulled off an unlikely comeback win in the NFC Championship Game on Sunday. So unlikely, in fact, that some members of the famed fanbase ended the game on the outside looking in.

With the Seahawks trailing the Packers by double-digits with less than five minutes to play, some of the record 68,538 fans at CenturyLink Field made the fateful choice to beat the crowd and head for the exits.

To quote that one old guy from Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade: "You chose ... poorly."

As is posted in stadiums and arenas across the country, there is no re-entry to the premises once you exit. This left hundreds of fans seething with regret as Seattle launched its incredible comeback.

The scene summoned memories of Game 6 of the 2013 NBA Finals, when hundreds of Heat fans streamed out of their home arena before LeBron James and company mounted a wild comeback.

Seahawks fans have a much, much (much) better reputation than Heat supporters, but let this serve as a reminder that the bandwagon fills up fast for teams that find lasting success.

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