DeMarcus Ware: I think Peyton Manning will be back


Questions abound in Denver these days, with a coaching staff overhaul and the future of Peyton Manning up in the air.

Broncos defensive end DeMarcus Ware is confident in one thing: Manning will return. Ware told USA Today's Lindsay Jones on Thursday he's spoken to the quarterback since the Divisional Round loss to the Colts and believes retirement isn't on Manning plate.

"Me and Peyton will always talk back and forth about things. Now he's just looking forward to the next season and how we can get better," Ware said. "I think he'll be back. I feel like he still has a couple years in him."

Manning struggled down the stretch of the season, thanks in part to an injured quad. Ware -- like many -- believes once the 38-year-old quarterback gets refreshed he'll be ready to grind again.

"He just needs time to get healthy, rest," Ware said. "Calm the brain down. Turn it off a little bit and then hit the restart button once it's time."

As for playing for yet another defensive coordinator after John Fox's departure and Jack Del Rio signing on in Oakland, Ware said change isn't always bad.

"Sometimes, I think for me, I've been with at least five defensive coordinators throughout my career (and) a lot of head coaches," he said. "And each year, you always think about, 'Is it going to get worse because it's a new change?'

"But you have to embrace the change and say, 'What can I do with what I have?' And then you always come out on top."

To come out on top in 2015, Ware will need his prediction on Peyton returning to be correct. 

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