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Edelman jokes with refs about four-linemen confusion


The Patriots' ability to change the complexion of a playoff game by slightly bending pre-existing rules in their favor has been a welcome subplot to their latest Super Bowl run.

In the latest, we see the confusion it caused first hand, and the casual smugness employed by the Patriots when it works. By the way, is it weird that playing the Patriots seems to be exactly what we thought it would be like?

The highlight comes from Julian Edelman, who, after a clip of Terrell Suggs complaining to officials about the legality of four down lineman, goes to the refs and says: "You guys are getting your money's worth out of those formations, huh?"

You can check out the entire clip here, via Inside The NFL.

Some of our other favorite moments include Ravens defensive coordinator Steve Spagnuolo and coach John Harbaugh both frantically explaining, and reaffirming to themselves, what is actually going on.

"Just don't cover the ineligible wide receiver!" Harbaugh says.

From a bird's eye view, it's kind of incredible that Bill Belichick continues to think of things that confuse professional football coaches. His ability to find unique interpretations under existing rules is second to none.

Plus, you have to imagine he gets a kick out of seeing clips like this after the season ends.

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