Aaron Rodgers talks near Marshawn Lynch reunion


Marshawn Lynch's famous aversion to the media makes him something of a mystery to the general public. We know that he's super thankful, and loves Oakland and action and Skittles. That's about it.

Perhaps we can glean some insight from a former teammate -- a very famous former teammate. Aaron Rodgers played with Lynch for one year at Cal. During his media availability on "Championship Wednesday," the Packers quarterback reminisced about his time with Beast Mode.

"He was a lot of fun to play with. He was a great player," Rodgers said. "I think he averaged nine yards a carry that freshman year. ... Marshawn is an extremely gifted athlete. He used to always challenge me in throwing competitions and I won't say I beat him every time because he's got a heck of an arm ... distance-wise, not accuracy."

Rodgers and Lynch were nearly teammates at the pro level as well. The Packers made a play for Lynch when he was being shopped by the Bills in 2010. He was eventually traded for two mid-round picks to Seattle, where he became one of the best running backs in football.

"I thought it was a possibility for sure," Rodgers recalled. "He was on the market for what didn't seem like a whole lot getting out of Buffalo. And I think they ended up taking that offer based on where the pick would lie in the draft 'cause of the records.

"So it'd be interesting to see the 'what ifs' if he came here, but Eddie (Lacy) is a very similar back as far as not being taken down with the first defender, running through arm tackles, his ability to catch the ball and make something happen as well. And both Marshawn and Eddie are great blockers in pass protection."

Lacy is an excellent young back, but Rodgers handing off to Beast Mode in the Packers' backfield? A crazy thought.

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