Giants owner John Mara intrigued by PI replay


The pass interference that wasn't during the Wild Card battle between the Dallas Cowboys and Detroit Lions spurned a lot of debate about reviewing such calls in the future.

The NFL's Competition Committee will discuss the issue this offseason.

One member of the committee, Giants co-owner John Mara, hasn't been in favor of reviewing penalty calls in the past, but might be changing his mind.

"I've always been an opponent of it, but I have to tell you, I'm starting to think a little different about it," he said Wednesday on WFAN radio. "It's such a huge penalty and I'm starting to change my mind about that.

"I know that's something we're going to discuss at the competition committee starting in February and I'm looking forward to that because I think the time has come to, not only have that discussion and that debate, but to really think about a change in that rule. The replay was implemented in order to try to correct the major calls in games, to get the big call right, and they're not too many calls that are bigger than a defensive pass interference."

The committee will make a recommendation to NFL owners who will vote on the issue.

"You have to keep in mind, it takes 24 votes to get anything accomplished in the NFL and that sometimes is a difficult task, but I would not be surprised if we added to the reviewable plays," Mara said.

Coming from a committee member and an influential owner that's a heavy statement for those in favor of adding reviews on interference calls.

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