Urban Meyer on possible NFL interest: 'Not right now'

DALLAS -- Urban Meyer has accomplished just about everything there is to do in college football.

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He's won three national championships -- two at Florida, one at Ohio State. He's coached a Heisman Trophy winner, gone undefeated several times and, this season, managed to capture the first-ever College Football Playoff national title with a third-string quarterback.

CFB Championship:
Ohio State 42, Oregon 20

With so many things checked off the coaching bucket list, would Meyer consider jumping to the NFL if the right opportunity came along? 

"Not right now. Not right now," Meyer said at his press conference Tuesday. "I've got a commitment to Ohio State and these players. I love what I'm doing. Not right now."

So you're saying there's a chance? Perhaps, just not right now.

Meyer is considered by most in the media and a good percentage of his peers to be a college lifer, and it would probably take a number of key things lining up to make him open to jumping to the NFL. He's unlikely to leave Columbus for any run-of-the-mill NFL job, considering his team next year could also win it all during the 2015 season.

That's not to say we can rule it out. Meyer is good friends with the Patriots' Bill Belichick and the Eagles' Chip Kelly, among others. An offensive-minded coach, Meyer always studies various concepts in both phases of the game, and there have been a number of coaches who have simply gotten the itch.

Maybe after winning a few more titles with the Buckeyes and establishing himself as the greatest at the college level, Meyer, 50, would entertain the possibility of moving up and chasing a Super Bowl, perhaps with the team he grew up not too far from in the Cleveland Browns

But at the moment, it appears that Meyer is staying in scarlet and gray and not entertaining thoughts of jumping to the NFL. Never say never though. 

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