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Torrey Smith wants a deal done before free agency


Torrey Smith wants a deal before he hits free agency.

The big-play wideout and University of Maryland product wants to stay close to home without the worry of offseason visits and competing contracts.

And after 11 touchdowns this season, Smith's request should be under heavy consideration.

"If I had my way, obviously I'd like to get something done beforehand so I can stay here," Smith said, via the team's official web site. "But I understand this is a business and nothing is guaranteed. I'll let everything play out."

Joe Flacco, who is perennially in need of more weapons, cannot afford to lose a player who has had 90 or more targets and 49 or more catches in each of his four seasons.

The former second-round pick has averaged more than 15 yards per catch and has yet to miss a game due to injury.

Critics will point to his boom-or-bust nature, but that might be viewing things from a naive, fantasy-based perspective. Smith paired nicely with Steve Smith Sr. this year and could reach the next level if Baltimore is able to acquire a third option for Flacco this offseason.

When looking for an apt comparison in terms of potential earnings, Smith's deal could be an accelerated version of Golden Tate's five-year, $31 million contract with the Lions; Smith has had better overall numbers save for the 2014 season and is a year younger.

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