Rams rain on Titans' Music City Miracle parade


The people running the Titans Twitter feed had a cute thought.

The pitch probably went something like this: "OK, so the 15th anniversary of the Music City Miracle is coming up. As we know, there was no social media way back in 2000. But what if we celebrated this historic win by live-tweeting the entire game?"

We imagine there was applause, some tears, perhaps a promotion. The plan was rubber-stamped and set in motion.

And so it was that someone at Titans' office spent three hours Thursday sending play-by-play tweets of a game that happened 5,479 days earlier. And when we say play-by-play, we mean play ... by ... play.

Eventually Kevin Dyson takes his lateral from Frank Wychek and runs to Nashville immortality. And that's when the St. Louis Rams -- lying in wait for hours -- pounced.

This was a hammer drop there was no coming back from and the Titans knew it.

Man, we gotta get the Titans a quarterback.

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