Mailbag: Ranking the best quarterbacks still standing


Dan Hanzus takes questions from you, the reader, and answers them in the latest Around The NFL Mailbag.

I would absolutely go. For years I've wondered what it'd be like to be a fly in the wall in Jerrah's box. How many times has Jason Garrett been fired and un-fired in the past four years? What's really going on with the bifocals cleaning son-in-law? What's everybody drinking? Are there wings?

As for the second part: I'm honestly not sure I could handle the exposure. Being a guest in Jerrah's suite is a guarantee that Fox will cut to you at least 184 times over three hours. You must comport yourself with dignity, lest you get Christie'd in front of America.

Without a doubt. Here are Rodgers' numbers over the past four seasons: 67 percent completion percentage, 139 touchdowns, 25 interceptions, 15,855 yards, 112.6 passer rating. The Packers are 31-9 in that time. It's been a dominant run, which followed three years of excellent (if human) play after replacing Brett Favre.

Rodgers already has one ring, and he'll probably win a second MVP later this month. Add another Lombardi to his resume and he enters the conversation with Brady, Manning, Montana, Unitas and the rest.

That said, am I the only one who thinks that calf injury is the anvil hanging over the Packers right now? He already admitted he thought he blew his Achilles when he aggravated the injury in Week 17 against the Lions. If I'm a Packers fan, I'm holding my breath and crossing every finger and every toe during Rodgers' first scramble against the Cowboys.

Peyton Manning has been an average quarterback for two months. In Manning's first eight weeks, he completed 67.3 percent of his passes with 24 touchdowns, five interceptions, 8.32 yards per attempt and a passer rating of 112. He was basically 2013 Peyton. But check out those same statistical categories in the final eight games: 64.9 percent completion percentage, 15 touchdowns, 10 interceptions, 7.48 YPA, 90.3 passer rating.

Manning took a dip in every major category while his FBR (Fluttery Ball Ratio) went into the stratosphere. True, the Broncos also began to rely on the run more in the season's later weeks with C.J. Anderson, but Manning's regression can't be ignored.

Especially against a guy who's currently doing things like this ...

If the Colts pull off the upset here (a very real possibility), Sunday could be remembered as the day Luck surpassed Manning in the NFL's signal-caller hierarchy.

1. Aaron Rodgers
2. Tom Brady
3. Peyton Manning
4. Andrew Luck
5. Joe Flacco (playoff version)
6. Tony Romo
7. Russell Wilson
8. Cam Newton
9. Scrawny Arms Rob Lowe

Man, that was hard. Rodgers and Newton are the only rankings I'm absolutely confident with. You can really put the rest in any order and I wouldn't fight you. Let's try to stay away from these brain-buster questions. Give me an easy one next ...

Did you hear the story about Katy Perry vowing vengeance on hated rival Taylor Swift through her Super Bowl performance? That's what the beacons at Hollywood Life are saying:

"Katy will be doing something on stage during her performance that will be directed towards Taylor. She is working on it to be a visual or a lyric related jab," our insider says.

I like that has their own NFL Media Insider Ian Rapoport.

As for the "dream setlist," a ranked Perry singles in a recent End Around column. Those would all work for me.

Hmmmmm. Well, throw out Thomas and Henne, who are locked behind established starters. Keenum comported himself extremely well in his two-game reunion with the Texans, but I assume he'll be back on the street once we reach free agency. That leaves Clipboard Jesus (Charlie Whitehurst to the uninitiated), who will probably end up being the backup to Jameis Winston or whomever Tennessee takes with the second pick.

So yes, of that group, the quarterback with the best chance to start another NFL game is this guy ...

The exact moment I knew Joe Philbin would never work in Miami: On Hard Knocks in 2012, cameras tracked Philbin -- then a rookie head coach -- walking around the Dolphins practice field picking up gum wrappers and telling players to tie their shoes.

This was a topic I have planned to address in the offseason, but I don't think anyone can compare with what Browns fans have put up with for multiple decades. Nightmare playoff losses, losing your team entirely, then getting one back that has remained eternally wretched. And now, Johnny Manziel.

I suggest you check out Dameshek's in-depth rankings right here. I'd go with Romo/DeMarco/Dez just barely edging Rodgers/Lacy/Nelson and Big Ben/Le'Veon/Brown. The Whitehurst/Sankey/Hunter faction is going to be upset.

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