Jeff Fisher not making changes to Rams coaching staff


Believing that consistency outweighs production, Rams head coach Jeff Fisher will not be making any changes to his coaching staff.

That's what he told reporters earlier this week, much to the dismay of certain fans who have been calling for the dismissal of offensive coordinator Brian Schottenheimer, who orchestrated the league's 28th-ranked offense this year.

Schottenheimer's critics have pointed to the fact that he has yet to establish Tavon Austin as a star focal point in his offense, and that the bright spots are few and far between.

Fisher had a different take.

"I think Brian is an outstanding play-caller," Fisher said. "He's very organized. He's an excellent teacher. You can't put the record on his shoulders. That'd be very, very unfair."

Perhaps Fisher is right. Organizations like the Giants and Steelers have shown that faith in consistency pays off. Maybe Schottenheimer just needs extended time with Sam Bradford and a healthy season to truly install his offense.

But if Fisher is wrong, he'll be wasting another valuable year with some solid position players.

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