Nick Foles expects to be Philadelphia Eagles' QB in '15


Nick Foles doesn't believe the Eagles need to go on a quarterback hunt this offseason.

"I expect to be back here. I expect to be the quarterback," Foles said Monday, per the Philadelphia Inquirer. "I love my teammates and I expect to be back out there, leading them and winning some games ... I'm excited to come back better than I ever have been."

It's worth noting that neither coach Chip Kelly or owner Jeffrey Lurie committed to Foles under center after Philly's regular-season finale against the Giants.

"It's coming from me," Foles said. "That's what I expect. If I came in here and told you I didn't expect that, what kind of player would I be? What kind of leader would I be for my teammates? It's coming from my heart."

Foles turned the ball over 13 times in eight starts after just four turnovers during his Pro Bowl campaign of 2013. Mark Sanchez was admirable stepping in after Foles broke his collarbone in November, but -- as we argued on the latest podcast -- neither player feels like the long-term answer for this attack.

Asked if the Eagles might draft a new passer, Kelly said his staff hasn't "made any evaluations of anything."

"I played with one of the most special guys in the league in Andrew Luck," Eagles tight end Zach Ertz told the Inquirer. "I don't think Nick is necessarily on that level yet, but I think with his work ethic, that he can be one day ... Nick can make all the throws, and he's a great leader, as well."

Over two seasons, Kelly has worked well with Foles in what has been touted as a quarterback-proof offense. Still, this coaching staff inherited Foles, and we expect Kelly to eventually handpick a passer of his own. Look for that talk to heat up as April's draft draws near.

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