QB Index: Which QBs will be available in 2015?


Twenty teams hit the offseason on Monday. Far too many of them will be searching for a quarterback, with far too few options available. We decided to use this week's QB Index to look at the potential free-agent and trade market for veteran quarterbacks.

The short version: It's not pretty.

I rank the best free agents available later in the column, but let's start with some bigger names who will still be under contracts.

Trade candidates

Jay Cutler: Two weeks ago, I listed which teams should be searching for a quarterback in 2015. The Chicago Bears were listed as the "X-factor" but that came before Jay Cutler's benching. Now it's essentially expected that Cutler will be elsewhere next season. It won't be easy to deal Cutler because he has $15.5 million guaranteed due, but the Bears could potentially find a suitor in exchange for a late-round pick if they just want to dump salary and start over. This hinges on whether coach Marc Trestman is back in Chicago next season. If not, will the next Bears coach want to be the next man to take a swing and miss at fixing Cutler?

Geno Smith: Geno suggested that a new coach in New York could be a good thing, but there's a chance that a new general manager and coach will look to see if Smith could fetch a mid-round pick in a trade. It's more likely that any new regime will give Smith a chance to battle for a starting job as QB option 1B.

Mike Glennon: Lovie Smith clearly has no use for Glennon despite all the promise he's shown in 18 career starts. Smith isn't going anywhere, so perhaps Glennon will. We have to believe that some team out there will be intrigued by the aggressiveness Glennon has shown in two seasons. He's better than some starters out there and might only cost a mid-to-late round pick for the last two years of his contract.

Robert Griffin III: NFL Media Insider Ian Rapoport has reported that Griffin is likely to be back in Washington. The Redskins have invested so much in him, and owner Dan Snyder is determined not to start over at the position. Coach Jay Gruden seems far more ambivalent in his public comments and action. We suspect another team could pry away RGIII for the right price, but it's hard to imagine there will be a ton of interest. Value in the NFL changes fast.

EJ Manuel: The Bills won't even start Manuel in Week 17 to get a look at him again, even with Kyle Orton struggling badly down the stretch. That speaks volumes that they don't see a future for the No. 16 overall pick of the 2013 draft.

Free Agents

1. Mark Sanchez: Will playing so-so in Chip Kelly's system really rehabilitate his value that much? It would be a surprise if any free agent available got starter money. Sanchez is a 1B option.

2. Brian Hoyer: The more he played this season, the more he looked like a high quality backup.

3. Ryan Mallett: It sounds like the Texans want Mallett back, and there probably won't be a ton of competition for him.

4. Jake Locker: He's genuinely shown flashes of quality starter play, but his durability concerns make him a flier free-agent pickup.

5. Michael Vick: We're nearing the end of the line here, but he should still be able to get work.

Others: Matt Moore, Shaun Hill, Colt McCoy, Tarvaris Jackson, Christian Ponder, Jimmy Clausen, Blaine Gabbert.

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