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Jeff Fisher doesn't expect any Rams to get fined


Rams coach Jeff Fisher thinks the NFL will look beyond that whole scuffle thing from Sunday.

The massive melee, which saw punches thrown and, from at least one player, some sort of flying sleeper hold, was a major distraction amid a rather meaningless Rams loss. Four players ended up getting ejected, though a case could be made for more than just William Hayes, who was the only member of the Rams sent home.

"I would be very surprised if we had anybody that was fined for that," Fisher said via the St. Louis Post-Dispatch.

Alright then.

Fisher said Alec Ogletree, who ignited the brawl with a late hit on Odell Beckham as the receiver ran out of bounds, might be the only one. The coach said that was partially Beckham's fault, though.

"Now I can see what the officials are seeing with respect to Alec and the late hit out of bounds. But when you look at it really close, Odell has (Ogletree's) facemask and he's pulling him out of bounds. So it's hard for (Ogletree) to let up."

Maybe Fisher has become desensitized over the past few days, and the brawl just isn't as jarring to him now that he sees it again. Maybe the fact that the Giants had three players tossed to just one Ram is an indication of fines to come.

Fisher, though, seems to be sticking up for his team.

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