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Atlanta? San Fran? Where might Rex end up next?


Wouldn't it have been just like Rex Ryan to upend the Patriots on Sunday and ride the momentum into another year of coaching the Jets?

Unfortunately, that didn't happen, which is why the NFL AM crew continued to debate the coach's future employment opportunities on Monday morning under the assumption Ryan isn't back in New York for 2015.

"The CBS morning crew next to (Bill) Cowher and Tony Gonzalez," Eric Davis said without hesitation. "You can put him in that booth right there and I'm serious, I'm not being facetious at all."

He added: "If the 49ers call, and that's a big if because Jim Harbaugh is still under contract, that's a no-brainer, everyone should want that job. You have a big-market team, a talented roster, that's a good spot. I'll tell you another spot that would be great if it would happen - I don't think it will because they have a coach there in Mike Smith, but Atlanta. They'd be crazy to get rid of Mike, but it'd be the first time he ever had an offense like that. And Rex knows how to get a defense together."

Terrell Davis agreed that the 49ers would be a premiere destination, though Ryan's inability to develop a quarterback wouldn't bode well with a franchise still trying to mold Colin Kaepernick.

Davis, though, touched on one of the more sensible scenarios if the Falcons end up parting ways with Mike Smith. The team already has some 3-4 personnel in place and Ryan would be a much-needed shot in the arm for the fan base. Ryan wouldn't need to tinker much with Matt Ryan, an established star quarterback, and could find talented offensive coordinators lining up out the door to coach him, Roddy White and Julio Jones.

Though some feel Rex Ryan wouldn't step down in market size, we think a less visible team would be ideal for a head coach that likes to be himself. Ryan was unhinged during his first two years in New York before getting forcibly reigned in. That would not happen in Atlanta.

Either way, Ryan is good enough to punch his ticket somewhere else next season, whether that be on camera or down south coaching a contender.

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