Steve Smith expects criticism from couch QBs


The Baltimore Ravens picked a terrible week to put up a stinker.

"Bottom line is, offensively, we just got our ass kicked," Steve Smith said, per, after the 25-13 loss to the Houston Texans. "That's what happened. That's what the score looks like. That's what it looks like when you just lose. That is the consequences of losing."

Joe Flacco had his worst game of the season, throwing for 195 yards on 21-of-50 passing for two touchdowns and three picks. The running game couldn't get going (33 total yards) and was shelved when the Ravens got behind.

"We expect and understand and anticipate all of the negative feedback and all of the fat, lazy, sorry couch quarterbacks are going to come out," Smith said. "We expect that and understand that. We're not going to pay attention to it."

With a home date against the Cleveland Browns in Week 17, the Ravens need a win and a San Diego Chargers loss to eek their way into the playoffs.

In an odd twist of fate the 6-8-1 Carolina Panthers, Smith's former squad, will be in the playoffs with a win next week. The surly Smith surely doesn't want to become one of those "couch quarterbacks" watching his former teammates in the tournament while he sits at home with 10 wins.

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