Bills fan plans to keep 21-year game streak alive


The snowstorm that pounded the Buffalo area this week will cause many Bills fans to miss their Week 12 tussle with the New York Jets. However, at least one die-hard plans to make the trip to Detroit, where the game has been relocated and will be played Monday.

Ken Johnson hasn't missed a Bills game in 21 years, according to The Associated Press, and has no intention of allowing that streak to end.

"You think I'm not going to Detroit!?" he asked The Associated Press incredulously by phone on Friday. "Close personal friends and stuff are worried that I might not make the game. I just wouldn't expect that from them, like this is a big deal."

Johnson, a software developer, told The AP he began making plans for a relocated game when he first heard of the storm, he just needed to find out the location. Johnson said he will try to fly standby from Rochester, New York, and if that fails he'll make the five-and-a-half hour drive.

"A lot of plans I make at the last minute anyway," said Johnson, who intends to travel on Sunday. "And Detroit was like the best case."

Johnson added that even if most Bills fans won't be there with him to root on the home team, he'll enjoy the random experience of a displaced game.

"This is a cool twist. Sometimes I like stuff like this to happen because it breaks things up," Johnson said. "Twenty years from now, when we're all sitting around a table having a beer and stuff, you have to have things like this happen or you won't have good stories to tell."

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