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Giants OC Ben McAdoo won't apologize for play-calling


As a first-time play-caller, Giants offensive coordinator Ben McAdoo either had to apologize roundly for his three-fade debacle during last Sunday's loss, or stubbornly defend it. There was no middle ground for a young coach trying to build his reputation.

After speaking to reporters Thursday for the first time since that series of play calls, he seems to have taken the stubborn route.

"I'm not going to stand here and apologize for the play-calling," McAdoo said, via the New York Daily News. "I have faith in the perimeter players to go up and make the plays one on one."

We've discussed our confusion with the goal-line series in detail. Even though McAdoo had the one-on-one matchups, he also put this look on film before. He also is taking the riskier move, statistically.

But, as a coach who is trying to establish himself, McAdoo does not want to seem unsure of himself. This is why we won't be hearing any apologies anytime soon.

"I would take those matchups any day," McAdoo said. "I took them last week and I'd take them again this week."

Heading into Sunday night's game against Dallas, the Giants have the league's 19th-best offense, averaging a little more than 340 yards per game. McAdoo has done this without his best wide receiver in Victor Cruz and with a largely replacement-level offensive line. There are certainly aspects of his early tenure that deserve commendation.

We'll see if he's actually serious about going to the fades again, though.

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