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Josh Gordon!

He's back and you can't wait to start him. Not that anybody would blame you, either. You patiently stood by him for months. You defended him. You protected him on your roster. You refused to part ways with him and even went without a defense one week even though injuries ravaged your roster. Because it is Josh Gordon and he's worth it.

The excitement of this, too, is unbelievable. I can't remember this type of excitement for a return since "Star Wars: Episode I." Oh wait, bad example. This is a happy time. We're not going to think about any of that nonsense. No need to let bad thoughts rush in. Josh Gordon is back everybody!

Whew, back to our happy place.

Well as happy as you can be when Brian Hoyer is your quarterback. I kid, I kid. I know Hoyer isn't the prototypical quarterback, but Gordon has played well with other quarterbacks. Brandon Weeden and Jason Campbell helped propel Gordon to great success last year. So there is that. And you know offensive coordinator Norv Turner can't wait to have Gordon back for sure. He's going to dial up a bunch of plays for Gordon and I'm sure he's just as excited as the rest of us.

Oh wait, Turner is in Minnesota now. Who is the offensive coordinator in Cleveland now? Give me a moment to check that out.

Oh boy.

Kyle Shanahan is the offensive coordinator in Cleveland. (Expletive)

Hang on, hang on. There is no need to be too concerned about this. I mean, he's not like his dad, right? He would never think of tinkering and over-thinking his roster, right? Just look at his running back distribution. Oh wait, don't look at any of that. (Expletive)

Son of a gun. Well, this is actually a good thing. No, no stick with me. Stick with me. The name #Shanahanigans has a bad connotation in the world of fantasy football. There is no denying that. But this is a chance for Kyle to make it a good thing. The next generation of fantasy footballers could one day look back at #Shanahanigans as if it's the best thing ever. Like the "Clone Wars". Everybody loved the "Clone Wars," right? So here is the bullet-proof plan to make #Shanahanigans something awesome.

Throw. It. To. Josh. Gordon.

And that's it!

You open the game with three consecutive passes Gordon. Well, if you need that many. Then the next series, you throw the ball to Josh Gordon some more. I don't care if the Falcons double-cover him. I don't care if the Falcons triple-cover him. I don't care if the Falcons move Stone Mountain in front of Gordon, you force it to him.

I don't even want to think about a world where we've stuck by Gordon this long and the Browns don't immediately go after him. And yeah, don't give me the (expletive) about the Browns competing for a playoff spot. That's a cute story and all, but here's the news: You aren't going to the Super Bowl. My fantasy team could win a Super Bowl. So let's do the right thing here, Shanahan. Throw the ball to Gordon. We deserve this.

None of this is going to happen, right? Gordon is going to become a decoy like Megatron and we're all going to sit here like a bunch of suckers. But here's my final thought on this. If you've waited this long on Josh, you might as well start him this week. I fear the Browns will make a play for him deep and misconnect which will set a bad tone. But damn, I'd hate to have him on the bench if he has another one of his 200-yard performances. That'd be the worst.

A big hand to stats mavens Careen Falcone, Matty Fredrick and Mickey for dropping the knowledge. Oh, and our man Patrick Crawley continues "Patrick's Corner" this week.

And without further ado ...

The main takeaway I have from the Robert Griffin III saga in our nation's capital is this; RGIII still uses Facebook! Dude, you're the first (expletive) millennial to play quarterback in the NFL, have some pride man. You only need Facebook to keep in touch with your parents and their friends. Imagine the headlines this week when RGIII takes to MySpace or Friendster to demand a trade! Although, it's not like he's using Google+, that would just be weird.

I thought we as a society had moved past the phrase "throw under the bus." But since RGIII loves Facebook so much, I guess we shouldn't be surprised. BTW RGIII loves comic books (that's kind of cool). His super power should be the ability to summon buses to throw at his foes, similarly to the way Aquaman can summon sea life. (Nope, I won't highlight Aquaman because he's cool and I do like him.)

Ryan Tannehill has been on fire in recent weeks, as he's thrown 13 touchdowns and just five picks in his last seven. And the Dolphins have won of four of their last five. But I can't trust him in Denver this week. The Broncos should rebound after the disaster in Missouri. They aren't that bad and they will really put it to the Dolphins.

Do you think Cooper Manning secretly enjoyed it when Eli Manning and his brother combined for seven picks on Sunday? A little bit, right? I'm not too bummed on Eli this week. He does have nine touchdowns and three picks in his last three against the Cowboys. He's just outside the QB1 conversation for me.

Brian Hoyer has a nice matchup, but I just can't do it. Even with Gordon back on the team, I still don't see him being a dynamic quarterback. In fact, I could see Hoyer being so hyper to get Gordon into the mix, he kills some drives from a lack of chemistry with his new BFF or worse, he makes a couple of mistakes trying to force the issue.

Andy Dalton went from complete dog (expletive) to best quarterback in the universe all in the span of just 10 days. But you never know when we're going to get Bad Andy. He's always lurking like a buffering commercial on a YouTube video. You think you're cool and then boom! A 30-second Cialis commercial.

Ryan Mallett made a huge impression during his first start, but let's see what happens when there is a little bit of tape on this guy. As Jay Novacek once told me, "Adam, never name drop. And second, young quarterbacks like this can have good games like this since nobody has seen them before." We just need to remember Austin Davis to see how this will probably end.

Did you see this jerk move from a Saints fan? What the French Quarter was that all about? I understand being upset with opposing fans. But save the vitriol for the Cowboys fan. Now you're just the bag who takes a penny and never leaves one. You're the guy who posts spoilers on Twitter. Your the guy who doesn't let kids get their ball after it goes over your fence. Literally.

Image"Sons of Anarchy" SPOILER "Don't say you're sorry, don't say anything." How much money do you suppose Jax invests in white T-shirts. They are so white, I have to assume he wears one shirt and then dispossess of it. And nice abs, too. I'm glad between all of extortion and murder, he still has time to get in his P90x. Although, Sutter does pay attention to the small details because Red Woody does have an incline bench press, so it is conceivable Jax knocks out some reps between revenge plots. (I had this same problem with the fat guy not losing weight on "Lost" too.)

ImageI caught a couple of early episodes of "Friends" after "Sons of Anarchy" to bring me down. Early "Friends" is good. It seems tame now, but it was more risqué than an 8 p.m. show was back in the 90s. But you also forget Chandler was actually sports savvy in the early years (even carrying a basketball and wearing an And 1 shirt), but was completely neutered by the end of the series as a person who knew nothing about sports. How hard is it to maintain a character's motivation and lineage?

Trent Richardson is the new No. 1 in Indianapolis. Forgive me if I don't seem too excited. Even the PR guy who sends out "happy news" previews really had to strain to find something positive about Richardson. I'd rather have Boom Herron.

Washington is a tougher matchup for the 49ers and Frank Gore this week. I wish we could just fast forward to the point of the show where Los Hyde takes over as the top running back in San Francisco.

Same deal with Giovani Bernard. He's a nice complementary piece, but I like Hill so much better in this offense. I won't start Gio when he returns.

There is no bigger fan of Terrance West than me. But I need to see him increase his snap count. There is no guarantee he's going to see an increase in workload this week.

Andre Ellington has been great this season, with close to 1,000 scrimmage yards. But the Cardinals are walking into a bigger trap than the Battle of Endor. There aren't many Birds I would play in Seattle. Well maybe that mascot that got loose during the last Seahawks home game.

Look, if you need a deep waiver-wire stash, then you make a move for Juwan Thompson. He will likely take some carries from C.J. Not enough to try to start him though. You just can't do it.

The already exasperating Vikings backfield has taken a turn for the worse. Sorry to those of you who scooped up Jerick McKinnon this week. He was somebody who was probably dropped when it looked like AD was coming back and then picked back up on Monday. Now nothing.

Are you kidding me? The Patriots signed LeGarrette Blount? Why can't Bill Belichick let us have anything nice? I know he's not going to supplant Jonas Gray, but just the fact that he's on the roster bugs me. It's like our fantasy roster just got sucker-punched.

ImageI have a feeling the NCAA playoff committee is working us. The whole thing is at work. The only reason we have Alabama at No. 1 and Mississippi State at No. 4 is to keep people off their case. I mean, if you had just one SEC team in the top four, the Southern fans would lose their (expletive). This way, you keep those fans happy before you finally spring the December surprise on them in a couple of weeks. The whole thing is genius actually. Because an SEC fan would never admit its teams aren't the best. But anybody who watched Mississippi State objectively knows that team isn't top 10 material.

ImageAnd for the record, Alabama could have beat that team by 80 but Nick Saban called off the dogs from the beginning to do a solid for the conference. That stuff goes away if you do my 16-team mega conference things idea.

Vincent Jackson seems to have taken a backseat to Evans. He hasn't scored since Week 4, and if it wasn't for a favorable matchup against Chicago, well, he wouldn't even be on the map this week. The Bucs really should have traded him when they had the chance. Though having him opposite Evans helps the Bucs, just not your fantasy club.

I was really impressed with Zach Mettenberger on Monday night, but it's hard to determine which receiver is the best option in Tennessee right now. Kendall Wright had just six targets, but that was tops of the team.

Michael Crabtree still exists! But yeah, I'm sure not many of you had him in your starting lineup. He probably started only for those dead teams in your league which drafted a team but hasn't been back since.

Triple S himself, Steve Smith Sr. continues to be one of my favorite people in the world because he continues to smack down the Carolina Panthers. I like that, I dislike his fantasy production, though.

Rueben Randle was targeted a ton and showed some life for the Giants last week. But I've moved on to ODB (or was it OBJ, we never decided last week). The Cowboys haven't allowed a lot of fantasy points to receivers this year.

Eric Decker is a low-end No. 3 to me. The film on him was really good after the Steelers game. But he didn't see a lot of targets. He's a guy you can sub in during a bye week if you're in need. (Actually, I am in one league.)

Every Kenny Britt touchdown this season will be of the "That Helps No One" variety because I can't get mixed up in this nonsense. It's a one-hit wonder up there with the likes of Harvey Danger. I know it's paranoia and not everybody is out to get my team, but still.

All Ryan Mallett had to do was throw the ball to Andre Johnson and instead they split out J.J. Watt and threw a fade to him. Are you kidding me? What did Dre do to any of you, Texans?

Ah man, I don't like Larry Fitzgerald's history against the Seattle Seahawks. They play really well against the bigger receivers. It's the smaller, more elusive guys who tend to give them the most, uh, fits. Yeah, I already hate myself for writing that. Not enough to go back and change it, mind you. Because that would be easy. So really, by leaving it in there, I don't hate it that much.

ImageMy man Brandon laid out the worst Survivor Series teams of all-time. I was prepared to be upset because I just figured Team Alliance wouldn't be included because it had a team of all-stars which included Kurt Angle and Stone Cold Steve Austin. But he had it in there. I would have given it the worst. Angle was a WWF guy all the way. Austin was fired by WCW. So it never made sense. Plus, the WCW-invasion angle was never going to work because Vince would never put WCW in the same class as the Federation which pretty much nuked everything before you start. So if that's your mindset headed in, why not have the WWF bury Tommy Dreamer, Tazz, DDP and Booker T to prove once and for all show that the Federation was the best ever?

ImageThe reason the nWo angle worked so well was because most of us were WWF fans and we thought our product was better than WCW to begin with. The idea of two WWF superstars going down to WCW to own everybody seemed realistic. That's why a WCW-invasion would never work. We never believed in their stars fully. Especially if there was no Sting. It could never work.

ImageI know it's a minor thing for me, but I'm not sure how I feel about Cesaro as a full-on bald dude. I kind of liked him with the receding hair line. It almost inspired me to grow my hair out to a similar length, but now I'm going to keep the chrome dome. BTW, I wear my Wyatt Family T-shirt in homage to Luke Harper now.

This all feels weird not to have Jason Witten lurking here in the dislike ledger. But the matchup is just way too good for him this week. So enjoy your vacation, Witten.

ImagePatrick's Corner: Parking lot standoffs. I want the spot. You want the spot. It's a zero-sum game and somehow nothing is off limits. Is there an uglier face than "you just stole my parking spot, I'm going to rip your face off" face?

ImageThe worst are the people who lot-hawk at the gym. I mean, I'm sorry you're going to have to do more exercise to get to the gym but maybe the few extra steps should just be seen as extra credit and you can about your business. I just don't get people some times.

ImageI can't tell you how thrilled I am Dwight Howard has started to get exposed as the fraud he is. I mean, Kevin Durant even called out Howard and his popcorn muscles recently. When the lanky and quiet Durant calls you out, you've got problems. I've long hoped the Lakers tank enough games to keep a top-five pick. But as long as we beat the Houston Rockets, every time we play them, well, we're good.

For the record, you can submit your fantasy questions to NFL Fantasy Live or me on Twitter. But realize, NFL Fantasy Live has 300K followers. Me? Just 14. See, the odds are better I will answer your question, so hit me up both via Twitter or via Facebook (if you're RG3). And if you follow me on Sundays, I'll quote "The Wolf" from "Pulp Fiction" and then it's game on! Although, it's tough to catch me on Facebook. Twitter is your go-to." Plus seriously people, I'm not taking your tweets after Midnight. I'm into the #HashtagWars via @Midnight. I've started to mute people who ask me questions at that time.