Lanning miffed with J.J. Watt going low on block tries


On a day that saw J.J. Watt catch a touchdown pass and control the line of scrimmage, Houston's defensive behemoth failed to impress Cleveland's punter.

Spencer Lanning took issue with Watt after the defender was flagged for a pair of roughing the kicker penalties in Sunday's 23-7 loss to the Texans. Lanning told reporters after the game that Watt hit him low when the All-Pro end didn't have a chance to block the kick.

"All I can say is from the cutups we had on the sidelines, he wasn't close," Lanning said, per's Pat McManamon.

Said Lanning: "My only defense when I am punting is if I feel people under me, I'm going to pick up my legs. Because if I don't, something's going to give and it's either going to be an ankle or a knee."

Lanning acknowledged that he was far more peeved by a defeat that dropped the Browns out of first place in the AFC North, saying: "That part chaps my butt."

"There are two plays that I wish I didn't do," Watt said, "but I will never apologize for trying to make a play. My number was called and I tried to go out there and make a play. I wish I had gone a little bit more to the left or so."

Watt's second flag triggered a first down that led to Cleveland's lone touchdown, but the defender's pair of miscues didn't obscure an otherwise dominant afternoon that helped lift the Texans back to .500 in a crowded AFC playoff race.

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