Manziel likely must wait to send message to Texans


Johnny Manziel said in February that if the Houston Texans passed on him with the No. 1 overall pick it would be "the worst decision they've ever made."

Of course, the Texans did pass on the former Texas A&M star, instead picking South Carolina phenom Jadeveon Clowney. Fast forward nine months and Manziel's Cleveland Browns are prepared to host the Texans. Barring an injury to Brian Hoyer, Manziel is unlikely to get a chance to make Houston regret its decision.

"Obviously, I have a chip on my shoulder for any team that passed me, not just the Texans," Manziel said this week, according to Northeast Ohio Media Group. "I think when my time comes, and I have a chance to play and show what I'm made of in this league, hopefully, I do make some people regret not taking me."

Had the Texans drafted Manziel, there's a good chance he'd be the team's starting quarterback right now. Ryan Fitzpatrick couldn't hold onto the job, and now Ryan Mallett gets his first career start on Sunday.

"It could've been (me starting for Houston), but at the same time, you're looking at the big picture like that and saying that there's a lot of couldas, shouldas, wouldas in that equation," Manziel said. "For me, I don't really like to look back at that and kind of go with the flow and continue to go with what my life has presented me, and that's being here in Cleveland, which I love."

Clowney has had an injury-plagued mess of a rookie season amid reports of growing team frustration with the talented outside linebacker. The Texans were in dire need of a quarterback in May, and they still are now. Manziel could have been an intriguing piece of the puzzle. Coulda, shoulda, woulda.

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