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Steelers coach Mike Tomlin bans dancing on kickoffs


Seeing players dance to the stadium music while they warm up for a kickoff is not unusual. But it's about to be banned in Pittsburgh.

After Jacoby Jones torched the Steelers on a 108-yard kickoff return early in the fourth quarter Sunday, Pittsburgh head coach Mike Tomlin appeared to blame his team's lack of focus.

And dancing.

"Quite frankly, (it) was ridiculous," Tomlin said, via CBS Sports. "Guys dancing around and so forth before the ball is kicked and then getting one run back on them is unacceptable. You won't see our kickoff team dancing anymore."

From the outside looking in, Tomlin blaming dancing seems even more ridiculous. His Footloose moment coincides with the best two-week stretch in recent Steelers history, and although the urge to rein in his team will certainly linger, why mess with a good thing?

Tomlin has found more creative ways to stop Jacoby Jones kickoff returns in the past, but this one is almost as entertaining.

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