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Brandon Marshall stays quiet after huge loss to Pats


After a Week 7 loss to the Dolphins, Bears wide receiver Brandon Marshall could be heard on a tirade from outside the walls of Chicago's locker room.

This week, though, after a much more significant loss, there was to be no encore.

"That's last week, brother," Marshall told the Chicago Tribune following the 51-23 beat down.

On his way into the locker room, Marshall reportedly encouraged reporters to listen in, though he was only kidding. Sunday's loss was too significant to muster any energy for another high-volume speech.

The Bears might be reaching a critical point with their star receiver, though. Marshall had just three receptions for 35 yards and has been under-performing statistically for a majority of the season.

Now, the onus is on coach Marc Trestman to push the right buttons during the bye week to ensure he doesn't lose his team.

"I'm never a fan of the bye week because obviously I want to get to the next one," Marshall said. "This one's going to be tough. We've got a lot of time to really sit on this one and think about it."

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