Ken Whisenhunt senses pessimism around 2-5 Titans


The Tennessee Titans sit at 2-5 and are staring down the barrel of a lost season.

In reality, that record should be much better. In their last two losses (to Cleveland and Washington) the Titans have held leads with under two minutes to play before crumbling.

Coach Ken Whisenhunt admitted he's sensed a level of pessimism surrounding the Titans organization, which he believes has seeped into his locker room.

"I understand where that's coming from. I've noticed a sense of pessimism ever since I've gotten here. That's, I think, from previous times," Whisenhunt said this week, per "The only thing I can say is, I really believe our guys are working hard. We're getting better. We're going to be a good football team. That's the thing that's important."

Whisenhunt said he isn't looking ahead to 2015 and still has plans to turn the ship around this season.

He then pulled the tried-and-true move of blaming the media for the perceived pessimism.

"I sense it from you guys. That's the way it's been since I've gotten here. That's the tone that I've gotten from the media since I've been here, and that's OK," Whisenhunt said. "When we win some games, when we have some success, we can change that. That's what our goal is."

Blaming the media for losses is nothing new. As a society, we would almost always rather project our own inadequacies on others than face a revolting reflection in the mirror.

Of course, Whisenhunt could point to the poor quarterback play that has short-circuited his entire offense. Jake Locker's sadly predictable injuries have led to Charlie Whitehurst putting down the clipboard moniker for the "Checkdown Jesus" one. The defense also hasn't been able to get off the field late in close games.

If winning comes from within the locker room, as coaches always tell us it does, then losing does as well. If there is pessimism in Tennessee, then it stems from all the losses compiled in the last several years -- including the five on Whisenhunt's resume.

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