Julio Jones: Falcons' struggles 'starts with me'


The Atlanta Falcons' offense has sputtered with just one touchdown in each of the last two weeks.

Julio Jones put the lack of offensive production squarely on his own shoulders.

"It starts with me," he told NFL Network's NFL AM on Wednesday. "I got to go out there and make plays when they are presented to me. I got to go out there and catch the ball, be more of a deep threat. ... We are out there misreading or dropping balls. We have to fix that. It's nothing that the defense is doing, we have to fix that here."

Jones' reiteration that he's dropped too many balls is true and it's admirable that he's shouldering the blame. But we'd point to an offensive line that was mediocre to start with and has been further decimated by injury as the biggest reason the offense has been uberly futile.

Fellow receiver Devin Hester said the Falcons know they will see a similar style defense to the one that ripped them last week in Baltimore (where Detroit Lions defensive coordinator Teryl Austin spent the past several seasons).

"We know as playmakers we are going to have to get the ball out of Matt's hands quick and get it to the playmakers' hands and we just have to continue to move the chains and make big plays," he said.

If the receivers can't make plays Sunday against the Lions' No. 1 ranked defense, it will be long day for Falcons fans in London.

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