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Jason Garrett not thinking Cowboys contract just yet


Jerry Jones has not been short on praise for his head coach, Jason Garrett, amid the Dallas Cowboys' 6-1 start to the season.

But he has been unusually patient in regard to a new contract for his coach, who is working in the final deal of his previous one.

For Jones, it represents an evolution in the way he runs the franchise. Not only did he pause on drafting Johnny Manziel back in May, but he talked openly about avoiding emotional decision making, especially when it comes to Garrett's contract.

And for Garrett, that's just fine.

"I just know where I need to focus, where our team needs to focus and it needs to focus on playing our best football," Garrett told reporters Monday, via "The way we do that is we focus on being our best today, do a great job evaluating that game, get ready for the players coming in, let's go to work. That's really what I think about."

Garrett was asked a series of questions about his new deal on Monday and continued to work the diplomatic sidestep. After a third question, though, he shut the line of conversation down altogether.

"That was the last answer I'm going to have about my contract," Garrett said. "Seriously, I'm thinking about getting ready for the Redskins."

The waiting really is the hardest part.

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