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Robert Griffin III could return to practice Wednesday


Washington was buoyed by a late quarterback change in Sunday's 19-17 win over the Titans, which means Jay Gruden has a choice to make this week as his team prepares for a Monday night matchup against Dallas.

While picking between Colt McCoy and Kirk Cousins isn't the most enticing decision, Washington's quarterback room is about to get a little more interesting.

According to The Washington Post, Robert Griffin III could return to practice as a full participant as early as Wednesday. Griffin has been out with an ankle injury since Sept. 14.

While Gruden has said in the past that he'd like Griffin to get at least two hard weeks of full practice in before any game snaps, his treatment of Griffin during the week will be intriguing.

Gruden seemed to hint that McCoy had the immediate edge after going 11 of 12 Sunday, including a 70-yard touchdown pass, but was vague on his timetable to officially name a starter.

"You'd like to have your decision made as soon as possible to get 'em ready," the coach said. "Then you throw Robert in the mix. Robert has a chance to practice on Wednesday, so we'll have to see where he is -- see where he is health-wise, and from there I will make a decision from watching the tape of what I'm going to do."

Gruden doesn't sound prepared to make this a three-way decision just yet, but he might not be able to wait as long as he'd like.

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