Julius Thomas clarifies his 'It's so easy' exclamation


When you're on pace to shatter Randy Moss' all-time single-season touchdown record, it's understandable that a level of swagger may be emanating from your person.

That's what happened when Denver Broncos tight end Julius Thomas collected his ninth touchdown reception of the season on Sunday. After he burned New York Jets rookie Calvin Pryor on a perfectly executed stick route, Thomas shouted, "It's so (expletive) easy! It's so easy!" to no one in particular.

Because sometimes sports are stupid, Thomas received criticism for his trash talk. On Wednesday, Thomas provided some context to his exclamation.

"Contrary to my own statements, it's not very easy. A lot of things have to go right," said Thomas, according to The Denver Post. "First you have to find a way to make a play to help out your team. A lot of work goes into it, a lot of effort throughout the year. A lot of guys just really getting after it and busting their butts to go make plays on the field. Sometimes you get a little confident in games, and you start thinking it's easy.

"Then you get out to practice on Wednesday and Rahim (Moore) and T.J. (Ward) and Von (Miller) are doing their best to keep you from catching the stick route. It's definitely not easy all the time."

Here's the thing: In this specific case, Thomas -- even in his excited state -- was clinically on point in his assessment. Once Pryor gave Thomas too much space and Peyton Manning had a clean pocket, the outcome of the play was predetermined. It really was so (expletive) easy.

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