Bennett: 'It's a lot different' being Super Bowl champs


Fresh off their stunning loss to the Cowboys, the Seahawks are forced to comprehend just their second defeat at home since 2012.

Defensive lineman Michael Bennett wasn't surprised to see Dallas play some of its best football at CenturyLink Field, noting -- in his own beautiful way -- that everyone is gunning for the Super Bowl champs.

"It's a lot different. People want to play you," Bennett told ESPN Seattle on Wednesday. "... They probably don't have sex for the week, probably eat all the right things, they probably do everything right that week. It's like, 'We're playing the Seahawks. No, baby, not tonight. Maybe Sunday night.' But that's just how it is."

League-wide bedroom habits aside, we aren't worried about Seattle's season.

Outside of their tilt with the wandering Redskins, the Seahawks have played four teams with a combined record of 18-5. The slate softens with upcoming dates against the Rams, Panthers, Raiders and Giants, but Bennett knows Seattle will continue to see its share of amped-up opponents.

"Everybody is doing everything right to make sure that they potentially can beat us." Bennett said. "We have to take that into consideration, that we have to be just good as we were last year, just as disciplined and even more."

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