Marrone not happy with Mike Williams' trade request


Buffalo Bills receiver Mike Williams' agent was given permission to seek a trade this week after the fifth-year player was declared a healthy scratch last week against New England.

It's fair to say that coach Doug Marrone was not amused. Marrone admitted Wednesday that the trade request annoyed him because of his team-first philosophy.

"Someone else's problems all of a sudden become my problems," Marrone said.

Williams entered damage control Wednesday, telling Marrone that his agent requested the trade, not him. A trade sounds very unlikely. 

"My agent did what he was supposed to do ... I don't want to be traded. This is my hometown," Williams said. "I just have to keep fighting to stay in the top 46."

Marrone decided last week that Williams was not worth playing, in large part because he wasn't helpful on special teams. Chris Hogan and Marquise Goodwin both played ahead of Williams in Week 6. It would not be a surprise if Williams gets back on the field, but he's ultimately a role player at this stage of his career. Just a year removed from signing a six-year, $40.25 million contract, that has to be a tough pill for Williams and his agent to swallow.

"I'll try to win scout team player of the week," Williams said.

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